The two parishes were first linked under one ministry in 1975. In 2008 the congregations united to become Strathbogie Drumblade church.

For a while worship continued in the Drumblade sanctuary but the building was subsequently sold. However, the surrounding graveyard is still in use and there are annual services at the Drumblade War Memorial.

All worship and church activity now happens in the Strathbogie building but the ministry of the congregation continues to serve the communities of both Drumblade and Huntly. 


Strathbogie Church

In 1843, Strathbogie Church or the “New Church” as it was known, opened for worship. Two years later the congregation joined the Free Church to become Huntly Free Church.

In 1900 it evolved into Strathbogie United Free Church. Following reconciliation with The Church of Scotland in 1929, the congregation became Strathbogie Church of Scotland, Huntly.

Successful evangelical work, sponsored by the Duchess of Gordon, saw the church building physically grow and by 1877 the tower, with its bell and clock, and the hall were added. By 1912 the north gable of the sanctuary was extended to accommodate the organ which had been installed in 1904.


Drumblade Church

A church has actually existed in Drumblade since the early 12th century. The building was erected after the Reformation and rebuilt in 1773 with modifications being made around the same time as those at Strathbogie.

Strathbogie Drumblade
1 Bogie Street
Scotland, AB54 8DX





Church of Scotland
Presbytery of North East and Northern Isles 


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