Huntly Strathbogie Drumblade Parish Church is a registered charity SC000534

Mission and Vision

Our team



Our Mission

We are a worship centred community called to preach Christ by loving God, loving one another and loving our neighbours near and far.

Our Vision

• Maintain the importance we place on worship in terms of inclusiveness, biblical teaching, prayer, involvement of children and teenagers and variety of music / hymns;

• Utilise further the faith and skills of the congregation in the preparation and leading of worship;

• Continue building our fellowship in terms of increasing opportunities outside of Sunday Worship;

• Make outreach to and nurture of the young a priority in terms of recruiting youth leaders and offering regular groups / clubs outside of Sunday mornings;

• Increase the number of people and age range involved in pastoral care;

• Enable and empower younger adults to be more involved in decision making;

• Develop our Area Grouping with Huntly Cairnie Glass congregation and with Insch-Leslie-Premnay-Oyne congregation by working collaboratively in mission and outreach initiatives;

• Build closer ties with the local Roman Catholic and Episcopal congregations and with community organisations.



1 Bogie Street
AB54 8EU

Tel: 01466 793338
Mobile: 07818 204 333


Ann Gray, Joint Session Clerk and Guild Secretary
Tel: 01466 792098
Mobile: 07585 448 619

I have enjoyed the fellowship at Stahbogie Drumblade for over 20 years and been an Elder for several years. I am currently Magazine Editor and Guild Secretary. Although I work full time as a School Technician, I enjoy lots of hobbies and interests including art, reading, music, gardening, walking my dogs and travel.

Alison Milne, Joint Session Clerk
Tel: 01466 792348
Mobile: 07483 219 996

As well as my role as Joint Session Clerk I am an active Elder and Guild Treasurer. I also tend to the Church garden floral patch. I have achieved my Leading Worship Course.
I am a Dance teacher and retired school cook, my hobbies are dancing, gardening, cycling, walking and cooking. 

Bill Robertson, Church Treasurer

I have served as an Elder for 39 years and have been Strathbogie Drumblade Treasurer for 11 years. An Aberdonian by birth I have lived in Huntly for 44 years. Being retired allows me more time for my hobbies and recreational activities which include bowling, bridge, reading and walking.

Bill McKay, Health and Safety Officer

Ian Watson, Church Officer (Beadle)

I became an Elder in 1978 and have held several posts in the Church. As Church Officer it is my job to make sure Church is ready for all services and to help the Minister where I can. 

Keith Stewart, Presbytery Elder

Lorna Marshall, Roll Keeper

Mary McTavish, Free Will Offerings and Gift Aid Convener

Betty Morrison, Pastoral Care
Tel: 01466 792946

Agnes Watson, Pastoral Care
Tel: 01466 792946

Pat Emslie, Safeguarding Coordinator



1 Bogie Street
AB54 8DX





Church of Scotland
Presbytery of North East and Northern Isles 


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